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Creative Soul Mamas Podcast
Looking for wisdom, inspiration and advice on how to build a business you love?
Head on over to the podcast where we interview women from around the globe who are building successful businesses while letting their creative soul shine.
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Looking for connection and support as you build your business?  We’ve got that too!
Join our online community, where you can give and receive support, learn from and connect with other creative women who just like you are following their dreams.
Creative Soul Mamas blog
Looking for resources and practical ways to be creative, and build your business?
Immerse yourself in the blog for women written by women from the creative community on the topics of creativity, business, motherhood and life.

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Are you often overwhelmed, stuck or time poor when it comes to creating for your business or creative projects?
Do you feel like being creative is not as effortless and enjoyable as you would like it to be?

I created 7 Days of Creative Mindfulness just for you.

A FREE mini-course with daily creative prompts and exercises and access to 12 guest presenter sessions all focused on creativity and mindfulness.

Read more and view the guest presenters and sessions by clicking here

The course is available for free to all Creative Soul Mamas Group members. Join up below for access to your FREE mini-course.

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