In this episode, I talk to Breeanne Macouzet about the many benefits of mindfulness, sharing mindfulness with your children and creating mindfulness habits. Breeanne Macouzet is a mindfulness coach who has a passion for empowering our youth. Breeanne is the founder of Mindfully Evolve, an organization that brings mindfulness programs into families, schools, and communities worldwide. Mindfully Evolve creates educational programs that teach parents, educators, and children to have the essential life skills to thrive. One of Breeanne’s favorite things to do is coach parents and educational leaders in self-awareness, mastering their mindset, and inspiring them to execute on their purpose. She believes our youth can make significant positive changes in our world if they are guided in a mindful direction.   Offer for podcast listeners: Live Mindfully is a 3-month online experience designed for parents and educators to master their mindset, and create a life they truly love. This program has life-changing strategies, and highly effective de-stress tools that leave you feeling confident, and resilient against life’s greatest challenges. Investment: $997 20% Discount code $798: use the code ‘present parent’ at the checkout You can find more about it here:   Mentioned in the episode: Meditation Apps: Headspace Insight Timer   How you can connect with and follow Breeanne and her work:   Website Link:   Social Media Links: Facebook Instagram Pinterest

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