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Creative Mindfulness Host – Sonja Balzarolo

Bio –

Sonja Balzarolo is a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, Virtual Creative and the founder of Creative Soul Mamas, an online community, podcast and blog for creative women in business.

Working with women building a business around their Creative and Unique Talents, Sonja can help get clarity on your identity and build content around it to grow your business and attract your ideal audience and clients.

Based on the Gold Coast in Australia with her husband and 2 daughters, Sonja has completely transformed her life from a once corporate career to a home-based business where she gets to create, coach and be home with her girls.

Website –



Across the 7 days Sonja provides:

  • Daily creative and mindfulness inspiration and prompts with practical exercises you can try
  • Daily closing Facebook Lives
  • A Day 7 Mini-Lesson on Using Creativity for Mindfulness and Self-Care

Jill Badonsky

Bio –

Jill Badonsky is a multimedia artist and author/illustrator of four inspirational books about creativity including The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard): 10 Guides to Creative Inspiration, The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder, The Muse is In: An Owner’s Manual to Your Creativity, and Finding Uber Bliss: A Wildly Creative Journey to the Present Moment. She founded Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification training in 2004 and is an internationally recognized workshop leader and award-winning inspirational humorist. She lives in San Diego with a very large cat, a newly adopted kitten and a bougainvillea.

Website –
Day 1 Session: Interview

In this interview, Jill will chat with Sonja about her trademarked model of creativity coaching Kaizen-Muse, and why it is so transformative for the creative process. We will also discuss how creativity and mindfulness have helped Jill in her own life and creative processes.


Stephanie Beauverd

Bio –

Stephanie Beauverd is a Counsellor (specialising in Mindfulness Therapy) and a Meditation & Yoga Teacher. She specialises in working with women who experience stress, anxiety, depression or any form of emotional dis-ease, who are wanting to live a more peaceful, happy life.

She delivers transformative counselling, mindfulness group courses and workshops, as well as inspiring wellness events in Melbourne, Australia.

Stephanie is a dedicated mindfulness practitioner who believes anyone can experience the positive benefits of mindfulness and learn to live with more freedom, ease, and peace of mind.

Website –


Day 1 Session: Interview on Mindful Living.


Nina Hart

Bio –

Nina Hart is a writer, performer, and Kaizen-Muse creativity coach. She is also a certified Gateless Method writing teacher – “a method of teaching the art and craft of writing using creative brain science, ancient non-dual teachings and highly-effective craft tools…allowing writers to access the creative genius inside.”  Her book of short fictions called “Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere” was selected as a Short Stories finalist in Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year Awards. She is the founder of “Writing from the Top of your Head,” a course that takes into account the vulnerability of what it means to be a writer.

Website –


Day 2 Session – Mini-Lesson on Finding your Creative Genius with Gateless Method Writing
Gateless Writing is a method of teaching the art and craft of writing using creative brain science, ancient non-dual teachings and highly-effective craft tools that allow writers to access the creative genius inside.
Creating a safe, non-critical space for exploration is essential. In this session we’ll talk about how Gateless Method writing and Kaizen-Muse creativity coaching tools can help you find your flow and appreciate your own inner genius.
After our discussion, I’ll lead you in a 10 minute Medicine Prompt, designed to be an antidote for procrastinators, perfectionists, fearful writers, and those who have difficulty starting. The magic of this prompt is that it’s not about “thinking,”, but more about letting your subconscious mind make connections that your more “rational” mind would never think of. The “tiny” nature of the prompts keeps you out of “fight or flight” mode – and suddenly, you’ll have written something really different – because you’ve gotten your thinking mind and inner critic out of the way!

Sarah Mac

Bio –

Sarah Mac is a Writer and Creative Business Coach who works with artists, coaches and healers who want more money, freedom and fun in life and business.

She does this through money mindset coaching and intuitive business strategy.

Originally from the UK, Sarah is now based in Montreal and New York. She’s also a song lyricist, a rapper, dancer and video artist.

Day 3 Session – Online Experience using your creativity to transform your money mindset

Nora Wendel

Bio –

Photographer + Mentor to the next Women Leaders. CEO & Founder of The Photo Forest. Based in Bali, Indonesia.

Born and brought up in the wild dance of life that is South East Asia, the daily chaos of creativity has allowed Nora to be a multi-passionate female entrepreneur.

She is a photographer and mentor to women who are ready to rise into their feminine essence. Intimacy, sensuality and vulnerability are the three key themes that interweave the fabric of Nora’s work with women.

Creating and capturing beauty is at the heart of Nora’s photographic work. She just recently launched the world’s #1 wellness stock photography platform called The Photo Forest, aimed at providing real life and diverse photos to soul fueled business owners.

3 things that make her happy – creating large mandalas with flower petals, sitting in morning meditation and being a witness to the beauty of the process of creation.

Website –


Day 3 Session – Interview on Creativity, Sensuality and Mindfulness

Kristen Johnson (Chiggy)

Bio –

Kristen ‘Chiggy’ is an Intuitive Artist. She paints using bright and bold colour and shapes allowing her intuition to guide her through playful exploration. Kristen’s inspiration comes from landscapes and the colours and shapes of nature. The intuitive technique has been transformational for Kristen and she is now passionate about sharing and helping others let go of fear and just have a go. Kristen also shares and teaches through small workshops where she provides a safe space for people to let go and explore their creativity through intuition, art and movement. Allowing them to let go of fear, old rules and expectations that may be preventing them from moving forward with their creativity, opening their heart and reviving their passions.

Website –


Day 3 Session: Online Intuitive Painting Experience


Intuitive painting is a way to let go of fears and expectations. It’s a great way to JUST start your painting. I almost always begin this way and I find it builds my confidence through light, playful fun as we add bright colourful marks and layers to the canvas.
Using our intuition, we are not planning our painting end product, so relax, enjoy and have some fun with paint and colour.
If you would like to follow along and intuitively paint with Kristen in this session (or do it  while watching the replay), here are Kristen’s suggested materials you could use:
  • 2 x surfaces – canvas or canvas board would work great
  • a selection of bright and colourful acrylic paint
  • sponges, brushes (doesn’t matter what sizes)
  • some stamping objects like bottle tops, corks and forks
  • any other found objects to experiment with

Adriana Paredes

Bio – 

Adriana Paredes is a bilingual artist originally from Mexico City, now living in Colorado.

Adriana specializes in inspiring people to trust and to let their inner artist flourish.  She has facilitated creativity and spiritual workshops in Mexico City, California, Colorado, and Oregon and dreams of doing one in Spain, Greece and Australia!

Adriana has written a book on creativity (Art Journeys for the Soul) currently being edited and is a painter of a hundred+ paintings of Angels and other kinds of paintings. She is also trained as an expressive arts therapist/facilitator, facilitator of the creative process (CPSI), Muse Facilitator and Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach.

Day 4 Session – Mini-lesson on The Hero’s Journey based on an exercise from Adriana’s upcoming book ‘Art Journeys of the Soul’:

Experience your joyful self through the magical process of art-making and creative expression.

In this session, you will take the first step towards finding who you are as a hero in your own life, in this moment, and explore your own Hero’s Journey.

Tammie Irvine

Bio –

Tammie Irvine is an Energy Intuitive who channels & reads energy to provide confirmation, clarity and guidance.

Her Energy Healings & Readings help you connect to your intuition so you learn to trust and act on your own inner guidance.

Tammie has a genuine love for life and self-discovery and enjoys sharing her awareness and insights to offer people a new perspective.

As a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, Tammie also uses her energy work and background in Kinesiology to help startups and business owners. She is currently getting ready to spread her wings and move to Bali to explore her own next steps in business and life.

Website –

Day 4 Session – Interview on Intuitive Creativity

Emma Franklin-Bell

Bio –

Emma Franklin Bell is an author, artist and entrepreneur. Emma is the founder of Beautiful Business Enterprises (BBE) which comprises of:

The Beautiful Business Academy – an online-education platform focused on helping you to market your business by marketing you and your magnificence. Through online education courses and training we help you to create books, programs, podcasts and more that engages your audience and grows your business.

The Creativity Conversation – a podcast show on iTunes focused on how to access our creative power, express ourselves authentically and grow our businesses by becoming more creative.

Beautiful Books – an independent publisher that publishes Emma’s books and a small number of other authors’ books and distributes them worldwide online.

Prior to working in the online education space, Emma spent two decades in the performing arts industry owning her dance studios, mentoring studio owners in business strategy and writing a book How to Run a Preschool Dance Studio.


Website –
Day 5 Session – Interview on Mindfulness, Meditation and Creativity

Divya Darling

Bio –

Divya Darling loves empowering others to be the brightest and most brilliant versions of themselves.

How do we bridge the gap between knowing something and truly being it? What makes a fulfilling life? How can we create contexts for our creative expression to shine through?

These are the types of questions that Divya Darling loves exploring with audiences of all sizes and demographics. Having researched the mysteries of the mind for over a decade, obtaining degrees in neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive sciences and being an avid yogi and philosopher, Divya now works as a Transformational Brain Trainer.

As the Founder of the Intrinsic Brilliance Institute, Divya helps people train their brains to produce the thought patterns that give rise to what they most desire. Having experienced firsthand how drastically life changes when you change your mind, Divya is on a mission to enLIGHTen UP our world – shining a light on the power we all possess to perceive differently.

Website –


Day 6 Session: Interview on The Art & Science of Mindfulness


Sarah Sadie

Bio –

Sarah Sadie is the owner/founder of Odonata Creative.

She helps people identify their unique audacity and achieve creative breakthrough through conversations, coaching and community.

A Kaizen-Muse coach, poet, and dancer she specializes in helping people embrace the nonlinear nature of creative discovery as they write books, grow businesses, or simply live lives of increased engagement and delight.

Sadie’s poetry has won multiple awards and from 2012-2015 she was Poet Laureate of Madison, Wisconsin, where she continues to live with her husband and two teenagers.

Website –
Day 6 Session – Mini-lesson on The Power of Pause

In this session you will learn why the power of pause is so important to the creative process, and be guided through a beautiful visualisation.

Gisela Pineiro

Bio –

As an artist and Intentional Creativity teacher, Gisela Pineiro has been teaching and working with all manner of art and healing for close to 2 decades.

She wants to live in a world where everyone is deeply connected to their essence and community (with fellow creatives of course). Her biggest passion is shining a torch for people to see that ‘yes, they are creative’ and they can draw and paint! The beauty that creativity can bring is immense, from stress relief to releasing old trauma to just plain old having fun!

When she’s not dabbling in the studio with her painting wands on a new artwork, you can find her weaving magic with a group who are discovering ways to get in touch with their Muse and squealing with joy as they paint, in both face to face and online classes.

Website –
Day 7 Session – Interview on How to use mindfulness and intention with creativity
PLUS a Mini-Lesson on the Wisdom Tree.

In this live mini-lesson, Gisela will take you through an intentional creativity process using paints to uncover your old stories and rewrite some new ones through the Wisdom Tree. All levels of experience are welcome. Anyone can do it even if you have never picked up a brush.


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