Creative Self-Care is Hard!

Being a Mum of two young girls, as well as running a home-based business means fitting in any creative self-care is hard. But I know when I don’t fit anything in, I am not functioning at full potential, for my family or our business. I’m grumpy, stressed, uninspired and struggle to concentrate on the many things I need to get done.

So what do I do to look after my own health & wellbeing, and fit in some soul nurturing creative self-care? I’ve put together 5 quick options I use that can help anyone, especially Mums, fit in some creative self-care.

Let’s first though cover off what Creative Self-Care is if you haven’t come across this term before.


What is Creative Self-Care?

Creative Self-Care is using anything creative to relax and calm your mind, help you feel good, allow you to practise mindfulness and be creatively fulfilled. Creative Self-Care is also happiness inducing!

The current colouring-in book craze is testament to the power of creative self-care.


Remove Yourself from Overwhelm

Doing some form of self-care and removing ourselves from the overwhelm of our everyday lives is important for stress release, rejuvenation, self-love, happiness, contentment, mindfulness and so much more!

If you are stressed from work, child-rearing, social media overload, money stress, relationship woes or have a feeling of unfulfillment in your life, self-care can play an important part of releasing that stress.

The more common forms of self-care that you may already be doing are exercise, a relaxing bath, essential oils, meditation, yoga, reading a good book but we don’t often associate or recognise the amazing benefits that Creative Self-Care can also have on us.


My 5 Quick Creative Self-Care Ideas for Mums

Creative Self-Care Idea #1

The possibly most obvious idea – yes it counts! – is do something creative with your children. There are plenty of websites you can get ideas from, Youtube how-to craft videos you can watch and follow along, Pinterest craft posts you can read and do together. Here are some options:





My Bored Toddler

Hello Wonderful

 Kids Craft Room

I have a huge art & craft cupboard that we raid together when it’s craft time (all that hoarding of art &craft   products I did before children came in handy!). It doesn’t matter what you are doing, even if it’s just colouring in together (see Hack #4), you are bound to enjoy it. Just allow yourself to switch off, be present and revel in the fact you’ve managed to squeeze in some self-care! You deserve it, and you may just love what you create!


Creative Self-Care Idea #2

Creative Journaling is a great creative self-care option. If you can squeeze 5 to 10 minutes into your day somewhere, sit down and write a list of all the things you can think of that you have ‘created’ that day/week, and then write whatever else comes to mind.

As Mums, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for how creative we are on a daily basis. It’s basically a pre-requisite for getting through the day. Giving birth itself is creation!

Part of being creative is expressing any inner thoughts and feelings, bottled emotions even, so giving yourself some time to creatively let it out through journaling can be a beautiful gift to yourself.


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Creative Self-Care Idea #3

If your creative soul blossoms through writing, whether it’s blogging, writing a book, creating content for your business, writing poetry, but you struggle to find the time to sit and write, try using a phone App that uses speech recognition to records your thoughts and converts them to words for you.

When you are finished, the App creates a document you can then email to yourself (and other options such as sms and copy it into the notes app on your phone) and save for a later date.

I read somewhere recently a quote that said if you write a page a day, you will have a book in a year. So if writing is your thing, then give this a go. It could just become your book!

An example of an App that can be used for this and downloaded for free through Apple iTunes is Dragon Dictation. Also available on iPad.


Creative Self-Care Idea #4

Buy yourself a colouring-in book – adult or kids one – you choose! I’ve used both and they are equally as relaxing as its the creative process that provides the self-care, not necessarily what you are colouring.

Borrow your children’s colouring in pens/pencils, or buy your own special set and hide them in a drawer for your use only!

Give yourself 10 minutes once the kids go to bed or before they get up in the morning, and just colour.

Warning, this can get addictive and you may not be able to stop at 10 minutes!


Creative Self-Care Idea #5

Adobe Draw is a free App you can download from your phones App store – Apple and Androids – and use to create drawings in minutes. Sitting in the carpark waiting to collect your kids from school with a few minutes to spare? Use Adobe Draw and create a mandala as an example. See one I created in minutes on the left. This for your eyes only (if you want it to be) so don’t worry about what it looks like or what you are drawing, just enjoy your few minutes of creative freedom. The App is very easy to use, and there is the capability to do more if you want with it, but the free version is perfect for a quick hit of self-care!


Try it out!

So that’s it, my 5 ideas for busy Mums wanting to add some Creative Self-Care to their day/week.

I hope I have provided you with some idea’s that give you some well-deserved self-care.

If you do try them out, leave me a comment and let me know how you go, and feel free to share them with your friends using the Share buttons at the top of this post.

Here’s to being your creative and unique self,


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