What Should I Do Next?

You have a million ideas on things you could do for your business.

You have a to-do list a mile long of #allthethings that will make a big difference if you could just find the time to implement them in your business.

You have some child-free hours of work time and can’t decide what to use the time for so you instead do anything but what’s important.

You ask yourself often (and possibly others!) what should I do next? What’s most important?

Sound familiar? I know this is real life for me and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.


How to Decide What's Important

Finding your next move

So what should you do next?

When you are facing a lack of clarity, confusion, overwhelm, it helps to have some tools you can rely on to get you back on track.

Tools that you know work for YOU.

As a Creativity Coach, I suggest different tools to clients depending on the situation. Tools that I also use myself to get me out of overwhelm and back into action.

Finding tools that work for you takes a bit of trial and error, but once you find them deciding what to do next becomes easier.

I use the words ‘becomes easier’ because tools help you find your way to taking action, they aren’t a solution to knowing what to do every time.


Some Tools To Try:

 #1 Going within

I’m sure you have heard the phrase ‘we all have the answers within’.

I believe that to be true, but accessing this is easier for some than others.

It takes practice, persistence and a level of trust with yourself that doesn’t come naturally to most people in the world we live in today.

Creativity Coaching is based on the foundation of guiding you to access your own answers.

A Course in Miracles are teachings from the book of the same name that helps you on the path to listening to yourself (also referred to as spiritual transformation).

Below is a quote from the book that could be used as a journaling prompt to ‘go within’:

“Where would you have me go?
What would you have me do?
What would you have me say,
And to whom?”

This is commonly used in everyday life for readers and students of A Course in Miracles but is also very relevant to use as a tool for listening to your own inner voice and deciding what to do next.

#2 Take a break

I recently wrote a blog post called Who’s Taking Care of You (you can read it here). In it I wrote about Honour Your Bliss, an intentional way of spending time with myself, nurturing my soul.

It was basically 7 days of me time, doing things I love to do. By the end of the 7 days, I was blown away by how much it benefited me, my business and my family.

Now you don’t need to go and take 7 days to have a break and find your next step, but the concept of this can still be applied.

That is, step away from your desk, your office, your business and do something you love to do. Give yourself a break to clear your head.

Taking care of yourself will often lead you to find the answer you are seeking, which in this case is ‘What should I do next?’.

This could be a 30-minute break sitting in the sun with a coffee or tea reading a book. It could be a walk at the beach. It could be a whole day away from your business.

The important part of this is to step away and free your mind of the need to find the next step, but instead giving your mind something to concentrate on that you enjoy doing.


#3 Map It Out

A simple but effective way of getting it all out of your head or, if it is written down, into some sort of priority.

Mind Maps are great ways to let the priorities rise to the surface.

Seeing your to-do list or the things you could do next in your business in visual format changes the way you think about those things that may already be written down in a notebook or swirling around in your head.

Just take a piece of paper, draw a circle in the middle and write you or your business name in it.

Then draw off that circles and write in them the things that you want to get done/create, and possibly the tasks relating to them if that helps.

You can use a prompting question like “Which of these items will make the most impact right now if I completed them’ or you can just feel into which ones stand out to you.


#4 Get Creative

Do something creative. Anything. Take your mind off making a decision and into the creative part of your subconscious.

Whether you believe in the concept of left brain, right brain or not, the power of creativity is undeniable.

Creativity opens up the mind up and prepares it for new ideas, thoughts and ultimately action.

And, it’s fun!


#5 Take a Small Step

Pick just one small thing and focus on it. A small step is a choice to do just one thing that will move you forward.

The momentum of moving forward, even with the tiniest of tasks, can sometimes be enough to get you going and clear the path ahead.

The confidence taking action gives may help you see with clarity what to do next.

After completing a small step, ask yourself ‘What do I feel the next step should be?’ and trust yourself to go with it.


Your Next Step

Ready to find 1 or 2 tools that work for YOU when you don’t know what to do next?

Try a few of the suggestions above, or variations of them.

Get to know what you naturally do already to get clarity on what to do next.

And let me know how you go, I’d love to hear what tools work for you!

My email is info@creativesoulmamas.com.


Until next time,

May your creative soul always shine,


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