In this episode, I am talking to Emily Stulman Klein about using self-care to live a joyful life.

Emily Stulman Klein, the founder of Live a Joyful Life, is an author, positivity expert, joyful life coach and chef.

Emily’s 25 years of experience in personal development and fulfillment have made her an authority on helping women (and heart-centered men) to stop comparing and start living even when life doesn’t look like the brochure.

Emily works with clients both live and virtually, one to one and in groups.

Emily lives in Montclair, NJ with her 11-year-old daughter, their large brown dog and small gray bunny.


Emily’s Offer for Podcast Listeners:

Nourish Me Personal Strategy Session

Listener offer from Emily Stulman Klein

A 1-on-1 personal strategy session with Emily. Normal price is $US200 but listeners receive 40% off for the discounted price of $US120, using the code SOULMAMAS at the checkout via the link below.

This discounted offer is only valid until 30 November 2018. (You can still purchase the session after this date at the normal price using the link below.)

Book your session here:


How you can connect with and follow Emily and her work:

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