In this episode, I am talking to Emma Franklin-Bell about simplifying your business and decluttering your mind.

Emma Franklin Bell is an author, artist and entrepreneur. Emma is the founder of Beautiful Business Enterprises (BBE) which comprises of:

The Beautiful Business Academy – an online-education platform focused on helping you to market your business by marketing you and your magnificence. Through online education courses and training we help you to create books, programs, podcasts and more that engages your audience and grows your business.

The Creativity Conversation – a podcast show in iTunes focused on how to access our creative power, express ourselves authentically and grow our businesses by becoming more creative.

Beautiful Books – an independent publisher that publishes Emma’s books and a small number of other authors’ books and distributes them worldwide online.

Prior to working in the online education space, Emma spent two decades in the performing arts industry owning her dance studios, mentoring studio owners in business strategy and writing a book How to Run a Preschool Dance Studio.


Emma’s Offer for listeners of the podcast:

Emma is running a free 5 Day Blogging Challenge starting in October. To register your interest, download your free Blogging Planner here:

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Links mentioned in this episode: 

Emma’s book is available for purchase in hard copy on Amazon. You can access a free pdf version here: Your Beautiful Business 

The Creativity Conversation Podcast episode with Allison Davies – listen in here.


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