In this episode, I discuss scent, intention and rituals in self-care with Julie Nelson. Julie is the proud Mumma of her gorgeous woman daughter who played a huge role in her discovering the world of natural therapies and Aromatherapy back in the 80’s. Today her focus and passion is botanical perfumery, specialising in creating Bespoke Perfumes for women who are ready to step up in their lives. Julie calls them perfumes with a purpose, as they are an extension of their wearer capturing the essence of her beautiful feminine self and igniting her soul. Julie’s personal mission is to help women tap into the power of scent (only natural ingredients from our divine planet), intention and ritual to create a more empowered and fulfilled life for themselves. She is a qualified aromatherapist of 22 years, in 13 of which Julie professionally lectured in aromatherapy in two of Sydney’s leading natural therapies colleges at that time. Julie’s background in Aromatherapy is rich and varied having been a clinical aromatherapist in the early days. As well as now being an artisan perfumer, Julie coaches and mentors people in the emotional, psychological, energetic and spiritual realms of essential oils. In Julie’s words: ‘I have 5 divine mini horses, a great big dog who has no idea of his size and 3 gorgeous cats. I am known for my love of all creatures and my passion to stand against animal cruelty often named an animal activist by friends. I am definitely an aromatique activist consistently educating people around the world on how to use essential oils safely and confidently. I have such an intimate relationship with these natural beauties and they continue to teach me the magick they hold. Last and certainly not least I love our planet – Mother Earth, and live my life every day honouring her and continuously doing what I can to reduce my eco footprint and honour her in some way.’   How you can connect with and follow Julie and her work: Social Media Links: Facebook Instagram

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