In this episode, I talk to Kim Evans, of Kim Evans Studio about the secret to StoryTelling in business and marketing.

Kim Evans is an Author, Storytelling Coach & Marketing Mentor. Kim helps women entrepreneurs and creatives write, market, and share their brand stories and memoirs.

Through their work together, Kim’s clients uncover and claim their hidden strengths. They gain confidence to share their truth and market their good work from a grounded, ethical, and authentic place.

Kim also packages this goodness into beautiful websites that communicate a clear message and attract ideal customers.

You can find Kim’s memoir, What I Gave to the Fire, for purchase on Amazon. You can also download a free chapter or order a copy of the book here.


Kim’s offer for listeners of the podcast

Receive a free copy of Kim’s Brand Storytelling Guide for Entrepreneurs and Creatives.

This free PDF download contains a pep talk on StoryTelling and 5 writing prompts to help you get your story out.

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Kim Evans Episode 15 Listener Offer


About the episode:

2.00 Interview starts

2.29 Kim’s Bio

3.00 Kim’s published memoir

3.45 How Kim came to be in the business she is in today

7.50 Blending practical skills and passions

9.39 Using childhood detective work to rediscover your passions

10.45 Kim’s own childhood passions and how they connect to her work now

13.20 Motherhood as a catalyst for change

14.00 Helping people bring their story out

16.18 Do you need clarity on your story or to find your story

17.50 Kim’s favourite story from working with a client

20.20 Why do you do what you do?

21.30 Helping women share their voice and their story

24.00 Being a pioneer and leading the way with your story

26.05 Change is in the air

27.40 Finding support as a Mum in business

28.40 Creative Fire Women Entrepreneurs

30.50 Brand StoryTelling Guide for Entrepreneurs and Creatives

32.00 Tips for finding clarity on your business and purpose.


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