In this episode, I am talking with Lauren Fonvielle about the importance of self-care for women in business and life.

Lauren is a spiritual life coach, certified Reiki practitioner, and yoga + meditation teacher.

She helps women heal; particularly moms who are exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed,
and feel like they’re stuck in a vicious cycle of taking care of the kids, house, hubby and
managing a full-time job. She helps women tap into their inner strength, take control,
and get back to feeling like the positive confident and empowered woman that she
knows she is!

Lauren offers a variety of coaching programs, reiki and meditation services – from individual
coaching to public speaking. 

Lauren’s Offer for Podcast Listeners:

Create Balance Coaching Package – 8 weeks
You have the inner power to transform your life, creating the happy life you deserve. Through
this 8-week one-on-one coaching program, I help overwhelmed women better manage their
stress and anxiety, step into their power and confidently own who they are and what they want.

This program is individually personalized to help you meet your specific goals. Get ready to
clear away mental, emotional, and physical clutter opening the door to clarity, empowerment,
and joy.

Mention Creative Soul Mamas and receive 20% off this coaching package! Book a free
consultation call today! Visit


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