Motherhood & Creativity

My long forgotten creative soul and I were reconnected through motherhood. It was a happy reunion.

Childhood for me was full of creative play, thoughts, feelings and emotions. It could be described as a typical childhood. My memories are of constantly being in a creative state of being. For this, I am forever grateful.

Not that my parents or anyone in my immediate family would consider themselves creative, but they allowed me the freedom to be creative. I appreciate how important this was, and is now I have my own children.


Motherhood and my Creative Soul Blog


Being creative lasted longer than it does for most people. It extended into my early adulthood, and I dabbled with the idea of going to design school, art school then costume school through my mid-20’s.

However, I allowed my limiting beliefs about what a successful career was meant to look like stop me. I entered the world of the corporate career. My creativity didn’t stand a chance.


Bringing Creativity to the Corporate World

By now I was a closet creative in a corporate world. I brought glimpses of creativity into my work. I was lucky enough to have the freedom to do this, but it wasn’t encouraged and it wasn’t required. My skills and knowledge of business, my ‘head’ skills, were the real drivers of ‘success’ in my career, and they were stifling me.

Time to Reflect

Motherhood has given me time to reflect. Now I realise that my values didn’t align with my career. I was seeking pleasure in external factors, relying on money, status, job title and my ‘network’ to fulfil me. In the false economy of success, I had lost sight of myself, my dreams, and my true love of the creative life.

And so it was, the universe eventually said STOP.

Step 1: Motherhood.

Step 2: No corporate career to return to.

Step 3: Financial issues.

Step 4: Second child.

Well played universe! But along with lessons from the universe came gifts.

A whole new outlook on life and an awakening to a creative world I didn’t even know existed. This also opened up new opportunities, new directions, new friends and mentors to guide me on my way.


Reconnection to my creative soul through motherhood has allowed me to follow a path that blends my values with my passion for creativity and helping others find their creativity.

Tapping into my creative soul has also allowed me to really understand my values, beliefs and uniqueness. The keys to what I really want and need to be in business, motherhood and life as a creative.

I believe that everyone has a creative soul within, itching to be heard.
I believe that everyone’s unique story is the key to finding their passion.
I believe that our creative and unique talents allow us all to build a business we love, if we choose this path.

I’m Free!

My creativity is no longer stifled by my career, it is my career. I am focused. I have created a mindset that keeps me on purpose, and my imagination and intuition are flowing over.

I want this for you too.

If you have let what you think you should be doing bury your hopes, dreams, values and beliefs, then I want you to be able to change direction too. Follow your true passions and gifts, the things that make you creative and uniquely you.

Follow your creative soul. It will only take you where you are meant to be.

Here’s to sharing your creative and unique self,


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