In this episode, we are talking with Rebecca Brown about redefining abundance through play, purpose and prosperity.

Rebecca Brown is a Certified Professional Coach (CTACC), Money Coach (CMC)® and Laughter Yoga Teacher based in Reno, NV serving clients globally. She is on a mission to help professionals and entrepreneurs redefine abundance by bridging the worlds of play, purpose and prosperity.

With a background in program management, marketing, staff management, teaching, team building and volunteer management, she brings a wealth of experience and a joyful perspective to all of her workshops and client engagements.

As a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Rebecca coaches businesses, teams and individuals to bring more joy into their everyday lives and into the workplace. She has delivered laughter workshops and seminars to a variety of corporate, nonprofit, government and educational groups.

When not leading workshops or coaching clients, Rebecca can be found connecting with this big beautiful planet that we live on, paddle boarding the waters of Lake Tahoe, baking in her kitchen, starting a new gardening project or heading off on a new adventure.

About the episode:

0.42 Interview begins

1.46 Rebecca’s Bio

3.40 Rebecca’s business journey

7.41 Sharing your story that connects with your work and your clients

10.05 Redefining Freedom

11.02 Are you in a box?

11.40 A day in the life of Rebecca

14.55 Rituals and making yourself a priority

16.30 Play, Purpose and Prosperity

19.25 Bringing your unique qualities to your work and your offers

20.45 Daily Right Action

21.57 Stepping out of the box and into your life

27.08 Connecting with the things that bring you joy

29.31 Rebecca’s own abundance journey

33.20 Money blocks and Money archetypes

34.05 Tips for starting to shift your money mindset

36.50 The Creator Artist Money Archetype

38.40 Rebecca’s favourite story from helping a client

40.15 The one thing Rebecca would love her clients to realise about themselves


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