In Business, Motherhood and Life it is easy to get overwhelmed. We have so many things to process across even just a 24 hour period that overwhelm has become a part of everyday life for most Mums, let alone Mums in business.

While we will find it very hard to remove overwhelm from our busy lives, there are ways to manage and reduce the overwhelm and even start to recognise it before it arrives.

Increase Focus


One of the many ways to start to reduce overwhelm, or better yet, redirect it before it arrives, is to work on your focus.

Focus means we are able to direct our minds work to the task at hand. When you have focus, you are able to be single-minded and not give in to distraction or self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.

As a Mum, focus may seem like a difficult thing to achieve when you are surrounded by kids and chaos, but changing a few small things in your day and your environment can make a big difference.

‘Small’ and ‘a few’ being the important information here. You do not need to do all 6 of the suggestions below.

Try one or two on for size and add to them if you feel like this will work.

If not, even just choosing to master one of them will help increase your focus. Our aim is to reduce overwhelm not remove it!


6 Practical Steps to Increasing your Focus

1. Create time in your day or week for planning

  • This could be a simple to do list or a more formal online system eg Trello. Do what works for you but be consistent.
  • Review you’re must do’s and your flexible do’s each morning or the night before. (Hint: there should be more in the flexible column than the must column)
  • Being clear on what needs to be done allows you to focus – get in and get it done.

2. Create a place to focus

  • Have a dedicated consistent space where you work. It may be the kitchen table so you can still see and hear the kids but it is your ‘focus’ space. This is about creating a mindset shift to be able to focus, rather than it being a ‘quiet’ space. (Does quiet space even exist with kids?!)
  • This is the same concept of working from home and having an office space where you ‘go to work’ even though you work from home. It’s just been adapted for Mums!
  • Whatever works for you personally, as long as it creates a consistent space.

3. Ditch Technology

  • When you are trying to focus, you do not want to spend half of the time fixing printer issues or trying to tidy up your online filing system.
  • Use technology sparingly during your focus time, so you can focus. For example just have Word or Google docs open, and your calendar. Whatever you need at a basic level to spend your time focused and on task.

4. Optimal Performance

  • Know what gets you ‘in the zone’ quickly, and keeps you there. Do more of this.
  • Know what you need to do to create the highest quality of output in whatever you are working on.

5. Be Mindful

  • Mindfulness takes practice, especially with busy minds and lives, but it is possible. Be present and focused on the moment and the task you are working on.
  • One easy tip for doing this is creating a ritual before you start any task. A simple breathing exercise can bring you into the present moment and allow you to go straight into the task.

6. Say no to avoidable distractions

  • The biggest distraction you will have is social media (as you are likely working from home with kids – it goes without saying that they will be a distraction!)
  • Remove anything that you subconsciously check/do/think about – ipad, phone etc
  • Close down any unnecessary programs if using your computer.
  • Don’t take phone calls or check emails – unless urgent or require immediate attention.
  • Say no to visitors, family or anything else that will take you away from what you want to focus on getting done.



Choose to accept that things happen, and be flexible with yourself and your expectations.

Work with your circumstances.

Know you are making the best out of your day, each and every day you navigate creativity, business, motherhood and life!


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