Do you know what makes you unique in business?

One of the topics I have been fascinated with this year is what makes people unique in business, and how they use it (or don’t).

I call it ‘Uniquely You’.

My belief from reading, writing, being curious, asking questions, exploring uniqueness in business, is that if you know what is “Uniquely You’, you have discovered the creative soul of your business.

The guiding light that keeps you on purpose, clear, focused and free to be you.

It will be your guide to help you create content that educates, engages and entertains your audience.

It will help you tap into your innate creativity to build your business and brand.

And if you share your true ‘Uniquely You’ identity with honesty and authenticity, it will ultimately lead you to your customers. The people who want to follow you, buy from you, work with you.


Being Unique in Business

Finding your ‘Uniquely You’ identity

Finding your ‘Uniquely You’ identity takes time, self-awareness and discovery work. This isn’t something you can get a result from in a blog post.

Below I have provided you with some simple prompts to help you on the process of discovery. Journaling is a great way to use prompts.

No need to do them all (although you can), even just choosing one and writing anything that comes up for you will be a great start.

My 5 Discovery Prompts

Prompt #1

What experience/ person/situation do I often have a very strong emotional or physical response to?

My example: I always feel my stomach clenching up and my hands clench when I read stories about injustice of any kind ie. racism, bullying, animal cruelty.


Prompt #2

What is one of your biggest unrealised goals for your life?

My example: I want to move to a house on a few acres so my girls can grow up in a nature-filled, outdoor, creative childhood adventure!


Prompt #3

What do you most want to help people with?

My example: I want to support creative Mums to follow their dreams and not be held back by time, confidence or overwhelm.


Prompt #4

What do you see as your most important skill to share with the world?

My example: My ability to take action on my ideas.


Prompt #5

What trait do you most love about yourself?

My example: My creativity


Over to You

There is so much more to gaining clarity and finding your ‘uniquely you’ identity. I encourage you to keep writing, discovering and unearthing all that makes you you!

If you want to explore this topic further and discover the secret to tapping into your unique story, this week on the Creative Soul Mamas Podcast (episode 15), my guest is author, StoryTelling Coach and Marketing Mentor Kim Evans.

Tune into the podcast here or check out the show notes and download Kim’s free pdf – Brand Storytelling Guide for Entrepreneurs and Creatives

Creative Soul Mamas podcast Guest Kim Evans


Until next time,

May your creative soul always shine,





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